Alternatives Examples for Long Term Management

 Please look at these links to understand 2 highly successful projects that are similar to the situation at UVIC.

An organization that was highly successful with relocating rabbits

 More information to come on even more alternative possibilities that have been sent to us from all over North America.

Please also note the SPCA's position on this situation

University of Victoria's rabbit management plans

 April 1, 2010
The BC SPCA has been receiving numerous calls and emails regarding the University of Victoria's pilot project to manage the growing population of abandoned rabbits on campus.
The BC SPCA does not support a cull on the rabbit population and urges the University of Victoria to seek every humane alternative to managing the rabbit population on campus.  However, if the university has to consider a cull after all non-lethal methods have been exhausted the BC SPCA wants to ensure that there is veterinary oversight and that methods are humane.