Dr. Shaw's result after meeting with the University

Hi Kathleen
The University informed me that they would be proceeding with a large scale cull. They told me the intend to try to maintain a smaller population of rabbits within a limited area by utilizing other methods such as feeding stations and sterilization. I have not decided yet if I would be willing to be involved in the process since I don’t support the cull in the first place, especially when no attempt has been made to sterilize either though traditional methods or by vasectomy.
From the letter you sent me it is clear that Mr. Cadden believes vasectomy would be unsuccessful unless every single male rabbit is vasectomised. Using this logic, he must be supporting a cull involving every rabbit on campus.
In my opinion, vasectomies performed on a portion of the male population, perhaps 60 or 70 % would have a huge impact on the overall number of bunnies being born.

Best regards,

Nick Shaw DVM
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