Saturday, May 8, 2010

letter to the BCSPCA

Dear Mr. Daniell:

I am writing to you regarding the issue of the poison boxes that the University of Victoria is putting out all over the campus. Although the boxes may be for rats, many baby bunnies are dying as a result of these boxes. I would like to know if someone from your organization is investigating this and when this will happen.

Also, the press reports have reported the SPCA as having a very biased viewpoint that seems to support the cull of the innocent rabbits. Is this an appropriate response from an organization that is supposed to protect these innocent creatures? As a donor and supporter of the SPCA, I feel that this is not appropriate and needs to be addressed and rectified in the press reports as soon as possible.




  1. This is not right!
    If you have a problem by rabbit overpopulation, spay and neuter the rabbits, but DO NOT POISON THEM! It is cruel and inmoral!

  2. I own a pet store in Calgary,Alberta and in fact am lucky to have 2 humane society rescued rabbits in my home.

    I have to say that I'm truly disgusted by what I have heard and read of this situation. Victoria, B.C sounds like a primitive may as well be referring to other countries with no regard for animal life such as Mexico...beautiful but primitve.

    I will say that everyone is getting the word out here in Calgary and if I lived in Vic right now, I would be quite embarrassed.

    BCSPCA flex that bicep of power you know you have and stop the stupidity, don't be useless because if you are in this situation of no help...then you may as well shut your doors and call it day.

    This begs the question: How can an education facility be so foolish and stupid? I wonder now if most people are wasting their money by going to that university because they would be coming out it just as stupid???

    Food for thought rabbit killers.