Monday, May 24, 2010


It's a sad and disgraceful time for the University of Victoria.  Somehow they feel they can still justify killing over a thousand healthy innocent creatures and the questions still remains why?  Oh yes I forgot about all those poor athletes tripping in the holes and falling on rabbit feces and contracting terrible diseases from them.  Oh yes the hospital is full of athletes with their twisted ankles and rabbit diseases.  Yes it's an epidemic and it certainly justifies killing them all.  But also don't forget all those poor communities surrounding UVic that are having their gardens destroyed by the killer bunnies and yes don't forget all those poor people cannot afford to put fences around their gardens and perhaps they need to eat what is in their gardens.

Oh and is the University responsible for any of this - no of course not - this is wildlife gone out of control.  Why has it gone out of control - oh yeah - the University allowed the rabbits to populate oh well for a few years (try 30 years) and as they are classified as wildlife - the Ministry of Environment allows the University to kill them all but they can't adopt them out to homes.  Oh but weren't these pets that were dropped off by bad community members so therefore the University is totally not responsible for them at all.  Yes they were pets but after one month they are classified as wildlife therefore they can now (according to the Wildlife Act) kill them as they see fit.
Oh but you kind University officials don't forget anyone who chases the rabbits with a dog or mistreats them will be prosecuted for cruelty because yes you guys are sooooo kind to the rabbits.

By the way they are now killing them kindly - with an injection in the ear.  It is very difficult to find that vein in that ear so somehow I don't think it is so kind -  are your sedating those rabbits as they squeak and squirm to their deaths holding them tightly to get this injection in the ear.  By the way this "kind killing" what is the price tag for this?  It can't come cheap if a certified vet using a lot of sedation is doing the killing.  Hey I bet it costs the same as sterilization. Isn't that ironic?

I want to laugh at someone's remarks that it is emotional for all parties involved.  Hey UVic how is it emotional for you?  Please tell us - is it emotional trying to justify killing of innocent animals - the ones you used in marketing campaigns just a few months ago.  Do you feel any tinge of guilt - can you sleep at night?  I hope not - you have caused huge amounts of stress to those who want to find some way to save them but are more frustrated that there doesn't seem to be one intelligent person in the decision making process who wants to look at alternatives or show some compassion for these creatures. It is so matter of fact how you try so hard to whitewash what you are actually doing. (like you are pulling a few weeds out of the garden)

Well the publicity is traveling far and wide - across the nation.  In fact, there was an article in the New York Times.   Wouldn't it be wonderful if this was publicity that showed that like other famous institutions like Standford and Long Beach California, UVic was going for the progressive, compassionate intelligent approach to dealing with their rabbits..
But  no UVIC looks like a University for hillbillies - the only option for solving problems is "kill em all".

UVic stop lying, stop bullying, stop killing, - Become an open-minded progressive intellectual university that Victorians can all be proud to be part of - DO THE RIGHT THING - STOP THE KILLING NOW.


  1. I was at Uvic yesterday. Made a video which I will have to put up soon. The only place at Uvic that is bunny free are the two athletic fields. One is an artificial turf so no bunnies would go there anyway. And the tack and field is so well fenced off that it is completely bunny-free. Also, I walked around campus quite a bit where there are bunnies and did not find a single hole in the ground. Most of the bunnies live under bushes and trees and that would be where the holes are dug.

  2. Thanks Joanne - email us at and we can post it everywhere.